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Will PCOS affect my plan to conceive my second child?

Hi, doctor. I would like to ask about my PCOS problems. I was diagnosed with PCOS. I gave birth to my first child 5 years ago. Does that mean that my PCOS was cured 5 years ago when I managed to get pregnant with my first child? Now I am trying to conceive my second child. My husband and I have been trying for more than 6 months now and yet I am not pregnant. Does that mean that my PCOS problems still exist? I am having irregular periods as well.

09 May 2022


Answer from the Doctor
PCOS can't be cured. I would suggest you and your husband to go and see a fertility specialist and do a fertility assessment. Your body condition has changed during the 5 years. So, you have to find out the condition of your body. Do an HSG to check on your fallopian tubes. Make sure they are not blocked. Your fertility specialist might also perform a blood test to check on your hormonal profile to make sure all the hormone levels are within the normal range. As for your husband, he should do a semen analysis to check on his sperm count and motility.

18 May 2022
Answer from the Doctor
PCOS is a genetic condition which will not be "cured" but can be managed with good lifestyles, medication, etc. You should be seeing a fertility specialist to guide you.

24 May 2022

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