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Tips for Men before Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatment in itself is a process that can take quite the toll on both you and your partner from an emotional and physical perspective. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared before embarking on this life-changing path. The preparation before receiving fertility treatments should be done a couple of months in advance, so it’s time to start taking notes on what needs to be done.

Lucky for you, we at LUMIROUS have prepared a list of steps that you and your partner should take to prepare yourself before undergoing fertility treatments!

5 Tips for Men Before Fertility Treatments

Time to Focus On Your Fitness

Being at a healthy BMI is key when receiving fertility treatments, which is why working out is important when preparing your body for it. That being said, extreme workouts such as bodybuilding may not be the way to go.

Pumping iron at the gym may make those abs look good, but it does not bode well when it comes to increasing fertility. Try light workouts instead, such as hiking and swimming, which are more feasible to commit consistently on a daily basis.

Make Healthier Lifestyle Changes

Preparing your body also means changing how you used to live your life. Small sacrifices, such as changing your preference for briefs to boxers can make a world of difference for your sperm count. This would also mean going cold turkey when it comes to smoking.

Create A Healthier, Cleaner Diet

It’s time to start eating clean! Double down on salads, fresh fruit, and high-protein foods for your body to be at its best. Go the extra mile and start shopping at an organic grocer in order to minimize consuming food with pesticides. However, diet changes do not only mean adding more greens - it also means cutting out previous joy rides as well.

Swap your daily cup of coffee for matcha instead or a fruit smoothie for a more nutritious start to your day. Needless to say, this also means saying goodbye to alcohol for a while. Naturally flavoured sparkling waters can serve as an alternative beverage but it is best to just stay hydrated by drinking water.

Find Healthy Outlets for Stress

Men may not have a safe space to express their emotions or worries, which is why you need to start seeking out healthy methods and outlets for it. Keeping stress levels at a minimum is especially important as it can affect the chances of a successful pregnancy. Consider acupuncture in cases of severe stress in order to maintain it.

Begin Taking Supplements

With consultation from your doctor or a professional, supplements are a great way to prepare your body for fertility treatments. Supplements and vitamins can help aid the body to develop better and increase fertility overall.

With that, we are wrapping up our tips on how to prepare your body for fertility treatments. If you found this helpful, try checking out our last article on prepping your body for conceiving easily as well for more tips.

Make sure to stick around for more tips on fertility treatments and education surrounding it over here at LUMIROUS. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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