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Reason of Infertility

There are various rootcause of infertility

Infertility are caused by male and female. For pregnancy, both men and women have various processes, but it is the cause of infertility that an abnormality happens somewhere in those processes.
Mainly, 30% of the cause is from women, 30% is from men and the rest is unexplained and both.
Let’s look at the process till pregnancy.
Firstly, sperm made and stored in testis then ejaculated via urethra. On the other hand, the egg is caught after ovulation and moved to the uterus.

In the fertility checkup, clinic asses if there is any issues in this process. However, generally 10-20% of couples are diagnosed as unexplained infertility.

As infertility rate raises based on the age (=as egg and sperm ages) , it is said that the big factor of infertility is mainly the age.

How sperm and eggs meet